Can't reset Brave to default (Mac)

I want to completely wipe everything off and start from scratch, but nothing seems to work. I uninstalled the app, followed the steps here, restarted my computer, but that didn’t help. When I reinstall the app, everything’s still there: the tabs, the bookmarks, etc. Is the Terminal command different with this new Brave? How can I solve this?

Hi @anon3,

Which Brave version that you have? Menu > About Brave.

Those instructions is for prev. Brave (muon) 0.25.x or 0.26.x. It may be different if you’re using the new Brave Browser (brave-core) 0.56.x or higher.

cc @Mattches @LaurenWags since I’m not sure about MacOS version.

You can create new profile in Brave and delete previous one, don’t you?

Otherwise, you need to access Library folder with the Finder to delete the brave preferences folder. (If I remember correctly, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a mac on hand.) Maybe:

Hello. I’m using Version 0.57.18 Chromium: 71.0.3578.80 (Official Build) (64-bit).

I never created any profiles in Brave. I can access the Library folder just fine, but there’s no Brave folder in there. I see a Chromium folder there. I don’t have Chrome, so maybe it could be that one?

Just go at the top right of Brave, then clic on the profile icon, then clic “manage people”


Unbelievable. It was that simple. Thanks, everyone.

Now you can remove the previous profile with the “manage people” window, if you want, by clicking top right 3 dots and choose: remove this personne


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