Can't redeem my Brave Rewards over the past 3 years, what are my options?

I have been using brave for the past 3 years and have it as my default browser on PC and smartphone. However, I have never redeemed any rewards since you need an uphold or Gemini wallet. Unfortunately I live in an area these wallets aren’t accessible. Why is this given that the browser is global and there might be people around the world wish to use it.

Doesn’t it make sense to integrate with a wallet that is accessible in most parts. Even the newly introduced Brave browser. Another thing I have noted is these rewards tend to disappear after a while. What the point of clicking on ads and even using some of the services if all you receive are some “virtual rewards” you can never redeem or trade etc.???

Guys help me understand if these rewards are meant for individuals in certain areas not everyone???


Reference material:

Supported regions for verifying Brave Rewards with a custodial wallet provider [June 9, 2022 - later updates are likely]:

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini [May 10, 2022]:

Changes to Brave Ads Regional Availability [January 14, 2022]:

Brave Wallet and BAT - @Aman_M writes:

You can separately buy/transfer/transact and swap BAT on Ethereum network in Brave wallet.

Regarding getting rewards BATs in Brave wallet, it is more due to KYC/AML issues but it is still possible via transfer from a custodian- Uphold/Gemini/BitFlyer.

New developments - Solana Network:

Brave Browser now Integrates with Solana Blockchain to Expand Web3 Access:

Brave partners with Solana to integrate it into the browser and make it the default for DApp support:

How many bats do u have??

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