Feedback: Solana Network (positive)

@Aman_M and the Brave team just some feedback (positive) per Solana Network.

Just took a peek at Solana Network fees. So much better! Kinda got giddy. :wink:


But then… noticed another message… Ramp doesn’t support my state yet!! :laughing: Always something. Oh well. Just seeing what will be was a big boost.

Kinda starting to really like Brave Wallet… for some reason everything seems much easier to maneuver and is more intuitive. Great for the newbie (like me)! :smiley:


We’re looking at getting more buying options soon! Thanks for your support.

Given the amount of issues this network has, the most recent one being today, did you get paid by the Solana Foundation to integrate their network?

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Great! I now want to do Swaps on Solana. May be just BAT to SOl and back :grin:, will be fun. Any update @brian?

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I am not gonna comment on the solana issues, but it is very likely that brave got paid by Sol foundation.

The same thing happened with opera crypto browser. A lot of these announcements of adding new networks in such a particular manner seems to me that they also got paid by respective network foundations to some limit.

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Solana Swaps is in development now.
Dapps for Solana is planned for 1.41.x
Our built-in swaps will probably be the version after that.

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