Can i transfer my bat rewards to my brave wallet?

Hi everyone so i have this with Uphold and Gemini not supported in my region which they previously was

i have bat rewards that i would like to cash out or transfer to binance or to my brave wallet is this possible or am i stuck with useless brave reward tokens ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

The only way to transfer your funds from the browser to your Brave wallet is via a custodial partner, Uphold or Gemini.

This is because:

  1. It must be done o-chain. The rewards you have in your browser are off-chain, they are just a virtual representation of BAT.
  2. To withdraw BAT you must be be KYC verified, and this can only be done via a custodial partner.

So, at the moment, you cannot redeem your rewards while your region is not supported. It’s sad, I know. But that’s what unsupported means.

that’s really sad because south Africa use to be on the list of supported countries…

@Mojoz76 What do you mean “used to be?” South Africa is on the list of supported countries, at least to connect to Uphold.

Connecting a custodial account to Brave Rewards_ List of supported regions – Brave Help Center - Brave 1_5_2023 13_52_01

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