Cant open Youtube links

So when i woke up today the brave brower just refused to open links in youtube


It happens when i go to a youtube video via a link or pressing ctrl on a video i can open it with left click fine but as soon i want it open in a new page or via a link i get the image

So ive got the same problem since yesterday, but i found out, that going into “private mode” fix this. Still it sucks. EDIT. Also those links are opening without “priv mode”, but it takes around 1 min or so.

i can confirm in private mode it do work… but damn that would drive me crazy if this is the only option…

And in the case of just waiting it out opened 8 pages via ctrl and 3 of them loaded within like 1 min the rest havent loaded yet i guess ill wait and see how long

All videos loaded after around 4 min…

@Minicool420 YouTube Links working properly in Brave browser You should remove cache and try again, because in my all links working properly. Videos Playing smoothly…

Strange ive had brave brower for like 3 days and allready cache issues… maybe another issue at play here

and strange me and Ironh got the same issue basicly the same time i could have missed it all day yesterday

Removing cache/cookies solved the problem. Still it’s kinda weird that it’s happening in the same time with different users. Thanks

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