Can't log into anymore - email doesn't exist


I wanted to log into
It would say wrong email, even though I used the right email address (authenticator is still active and working, and shows the email address I’ve been using).

I made a new account with the same email address, connected my uphold and youtube channel again. In the brave rewards creators section, the 30 BAT I had in my wallet are not shown and it seems like I am starting over from scratch with this account.

When I am clicking the brave rewards symbol in my browser bar, it still shows my 30.0 BAT.

My questions now are as follows:
How can I get back access to my “old” account or if that is not possible, how do I change the brave rewards wallet to show my “new” empty wallet there?
Why wasn’t I able to log into my account, even though I am sure I was using the right email address?

desktop browser version 0.60.48 Chromium: 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)



First, those two is different wallet. And not connected to each other.

  • Publishers account at
  • And user’s in browser wallet under brave://rewards (that also shown via Rewards panel at URL bar).

30 BAT that you “have” is to help you try the Rewards platform. By using auto-contribution or tipping. Thia BAT have “expiration date”. If not used within 90 days, it’ll be sent back to User Growth Pool.

For this, let me cc @Asad for assistance.


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