I am not receiving emaillink to log in to my Brave Rewards/CREATORS

My website has already been verified.

This is just me not being able to log into my account for these past 2 weeks!

I am told a link was sent to my email account but there no link is sent! So cannot log in!!

Login email usually arrives in the spam folder.
If you have received at least one email you should use “mark as not spam” form your email client.
Also, you should white list the email support+publishers[AT]basicattentiontoken.org that’s the email that sends login links.

My provider is Zoho and brave login emails arrive instantly, but to be honest, I must admit that I also don’t like this login system through an email link.

I have checked my spam folder, and I have been trying since may 22nd 2019!! it just doesn’t work for some reason! i am a verified publisher and cannot access my account !! how is this possible!?

I received the initial emails so what is happening?

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