Urgent Issue: Unable to Access Brave Rewards Creator Interface

Dear Brave Rewards community,

I hope this message finds you well. I’m reaching out today to seek assistance with a pressing issue I’ve encountered with the Brave Rewards Creator interface.

For several months now, I have been unable to log in to the Creator dashboard. The login mechanism relies on a unique code sent via email. Unfortunately, I haven’t received this email, not even in my spam/junk folder.

I have taken the following steps in an attempt to resolve this issue:

  1. Double-checked my email’s inbox and spam/junk folders.
  2. Ensured that emails from [email protected] are not being blocked.
  3. Attempted to reach out to the support team via [email protected] multiple times but have received no response.

I understand that technical issues can arise, but the prolonged nature of this problem and the lack of communication have made this situation particularly challenging.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could:

  1. Offer suggestions or solutions based on personal experience with this problem.
  2. Point me to an alternate channel of communication where I might be able to get assistance.
  3. Connect me with someone from the Brave Rewards support team.

Brave Rewards provides a valuable service for creators like myself, and I am eager to regain access and continue my partnership with the platform. I genuinely hope someone from the community or the Brave team can shed some light on this situation.

Thank you in advance for your help and understanding.

I have sent you a DM here on Community, please continue this discussion there as I will ask for some information related to your Creator account.

I am writing this with a sense of urgency and, admittedly, growing frustration regarding my ongoing inability to access the Brave Creators dashboard due to login issues. My attempts to resolve this have been fruitless.

The fact remains that I am unable to access my funds because I cannot receive the necessary login emails, effectively locking me out of my account and the funds within it. To sumarize it:

1 - We do not receive the login email
2 - We do receive every other emails, including Brave Community notifications.
3 - We sent over 10 emails to [email protected] over the past 6 mouths asking for support, without any response.
4 - We changed all our email back-end (as it is a comercial email) to another provider, implying in valiable time and financial costs just to ensure that was not a creepy issue from our side. To no avail.

Contacting @Mattches through DM here at Brave Community he stated that there’s no other way to access our funds other than receiving the login through email and there’s no specialised team to escalate the issue. So, he cannot help us in any way.

The lack of any concrete assistance raises serious concerns about the reliability and commitment of Brave to its users, particularly when it comes to financial assets. The situation has escalated to a point where it forces me to question the platform’s policies and their implementation.

If we are unable to find a resolution promptly, I am left with no choice but to consider taking this matter public through various media outlets and, if necessary, seek legal counsel to ensure my rights and assets are protected.

I have been a supporter of Brave and its vision, but the current state of affairs is undermining the trust I have placed in your services. I urge you to address this issue with the gravity it deserves and provide a solution that will allow me to access my account and funds without further delay.

Some minutes after the last post I received a login link and a direct confirmation from @Mattches. And for that I appreciate for being able to do so.

At first I was glad that finally I was able to access my account but then… I realize that my balance at least 10x less them I was projecting since I was locked out, about January this year.

So, now I have another question, do BAT credits expire if not checked-out? I could’t find a direct answer to this.

And if so, do Brave can do anything as I couldn’t get it for a problem that was clearly on their side?

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