Can't Log in to Brave Premium Search that I'm paying for

I purchased brave Premium, and get a login link sent to my email. I then open the link and click on 'Go to Brave Search" and I get this popup window which reads “It looks like you’re having trouble authenticating Brave Search Subscription on a new device. To protect the security of your account we’ve temporarily restricted access. For now, please try accessing Brave Search Subscription from another device that’s already authenticated. You can also try authenticating this new device in 24 hours , or contact Brave Support.”

I have re-attempted 8 times and this happens every time. I’ve also contacted Brave Support 3 times and they just direct me to this community so I really don’t know what to do. The Premium Brave Search works just fine on my phone, but my Brave Browser on PC won’t seem to authenticate and I don’t know why. It’s very frustrating and I’ve offered to pay for help to no avail. I don’t know what to do. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
Brave Version 1.46.153
Windows 10 OS

Which brave support exactly? Do you mean on reddit or twitter?

I have tagged a few members of brave. They will/might sort out your problem.

@Mattches @steeven

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Thank you for reaching out and @chh_68 thank you for tagging me. @zdonalds can you please respond to the DM I just sent you with the email you associated with your Premium account so I can take a closer look?

Thank you


I have exactly the same problem. I contacted Support via email and the only they come up with was a recommendation to reset cache (which I did).

I even replicated the issue on a new VM with clean Brave installed.

Unfortunately, no reply from them since.

I think I’ll cancel the subscription if this is not fixed until the end of the month as I’m not getting what I’m paying for.

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Just in case, tagging @Mattches (hope you don’t mind).

I’ve sent you a DM requesting the email associated with your Premium account.

Thanks for replying back. I just sent you me email in DM.

I’m having the same issue across multiple browsers and devices.

We’re looking into this presently — appreciate everyone’s patience here. I hope to have more information for you soon.

Thank you both again for reporting. I believe we have identified and fixed the issue you both have found. Can you please try logging in again and confirm whether or not you’re now able to log in?


I successfully activated the premium search on my tablet and phone; I’ll test on my computer tomorrow, but I presume it will be ok.

Thank you (and your colleagues) for sorting this out.


My pleasure — glad you’re able to login.

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It immediately signed me back out. I don’t have premium on desktop or mobile and have to log back in to my brave account via email every time I open the browser, or reboot my computer. The login also won’t work off the first link, taking me right back to the screen to enter my email again, but when I see my brave accou to page and go to brave search its still trying to sell me premium on the bottom of the screen.

If you can’t fix this, why am I paying you money!?

Seriously, I’ve been paying this entire time for a service you’re not providing! This is untenable!

I still don’t understand, and I still don’t know what information to enter in this time. I only know that I use this place for work, and I only know how I can get rewards from this name. That’s all. Don’t ask me. I still have steps and methods.

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Are you clearing any browsing data when closing the browser by chance? If so this might explain why you have to login to every time.

I don’t know if my issue is the same as above or not. I have been using Brave for several years, on 3 different devices, and in November 2022, I subscribed to Brave Search Premium. It worked very well for me until today, when I accidentally lost all of my Brave Browser configuration by deleting my profile. Now I can’t find a way to reconnect my Brave Browser on macOS to my Brave Search Premium account. The help file on this points me to a page that asks me to pay for Brave Search Premium all over again. That doesn’t make sense. I never cancelled my Brave Search Premium subscription. In fact, I can’t find any documentation on how to cancel if I wanted to. PLEASE HELP

You should only need to log back into again in order for to detect your subscription.

Thank You, Mattches,
Your suggestion did the trick. I had also missed the recent user interface update, where I now have to click on the little icon to the right of the word “Goggles” at the top of the window, so I can customize my searches by country, safe search on/off, custom date range, and my real location (which I need, since the IP address from my VPN often places me on the far side of the continent). The extra click is a small nuisance, but I suppose it’s worthwhile, because when I don’t need it, or after I use it and click again, there’s a little more room on the screen for search results.
I have another question or suggestion. Do you know if there is a setting to get rid of the Wikipedia article on the right side of the search results window? I no longer trust Wikipedia, and now, to my way of thinking, it’s just another form of “click bait” like advertising is.

I will ask but I do not think there is a way to do this. One thing you can try is using the built-in element blocker to hide the sidebar:

I see this too in both Brave Browser and in Firefox. I frequently have to sign in multiple times before the premium icon shows up in brave search. Sometimes it just doesn’t work at all.