Can't load anything on Brave after some time using it

Everytime I turn on my computer Brave is working fine, but after some time staying on twitch/twiter/youtube, most of the time being idle, I can’t load anything anymore. I can’t load any website, even the homepage isn’t loading, I can’t load settings, I just really can’t do anything.
Every site icon is replaced with this :


Hi @Boulbie, Welcome to Community!
How long does it take before sites stop loading?
Would you be willing to try creating a new test profile and seeing if the issue also happens there?
Click on the menu icon in the top right corner > create a new profile.

Well, I won’t :slight_smile:
The problem was still here, sometimes going away alone without me doing anything, some other problems came too, (I couldn’t connect to twitter for example) so I just gave up. Maybe I’ll try again later when there will be some Brave patche’s, but not now.
Thanks for your answer anyway, have a nice day.

Me too, yesterday was perfect, today i can’t find anything. And i’m using brave in mobile phone, in computer its okey.

I have the exact same problem in windows 10. I’ll ask my 10 year old son to make a browser. Can’t be worse programmed than this piece. Go back to alpha phase.

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