Can't install 'No update is available.'

Stable installs just fine, but beta and dev builds won’t. The installer first connects to the internet and then I get a message telling me that ‘No update is available.’ There are two buttons in the bottom right. One closes the installation, the other says ‘Help’, and leads me to a 404 page.

Does’t matter whether I have the stable installed at the time of the installation or not. I’ve tried deleting all Brave profiles etc. No go. I don’t use any software firewalls or even antiviruses (apart from the built-in one) running.


same here, tried literally everything

I’m getting this error also, it’s consistent across different devices.

Server is under unscheduled maintenance. The team is aware and working it.


Any idea when it’ll be solved? Really picked the worst day to reinstall Brave, it’s been more then 12 hours and I’m barely surviving!

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So now I know why I get:

$ curl | sudo apt-key add -
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
100 243 0 243 0 0 224 0 --:–:-- 0:00:01 --:–:-- 224
gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.

I had to uninstall the normal version because of the lack of extensions (and remove residual files manually) and now I can’t install the beta either.
I think I will have to stick to chromium even if I don’t want to.
Seem to to much trouble to get this to work unfortunately. Maybe I will try again and maybe not.
It depends on how long time the page is down.
This really seemed like a really great browser.

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Update servers are down, the browser should work normally once they’re back up.

Also, you’re trying to get the beta version of something to work. You do realize there will be many undiscovered bugs in the beta, right? If you want a mostly bug-free browser, use the full version of Brave.

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But the stable version don’t have extension support and I know betas can have bugs.
The extension support should also be implemented in a stable version in my opinion and not only in betas and so on. No extension support = dealbreaker for me.

Then wait until the 1.0 is released. This browser is years younger then others, but you’re giving it the same standards as browsers 10 years old. Use chromium until this one supports extensions, but don’t knock a new browser for something they’re actively trying to add/fix. It’s not that they don’t want to add extensions, it’s that they can’t.


I don’t give it the same standards as other browsers but I see that it hasn’t worked to install for 15 hours.
I have ran a lot of alpha and beta OS and applications but never have it been down for 15 hours so it must be something very wrong. I hope they can solve it.

I want to use this browser because it is faster and chrome/chromium tracking you far to much.
This seems to be faster then any other browser I have tried.

The only reason I react as I do is because one other here in the community told me to install beta instead and I got a bit frustrated when it not working after the job of removing the old one. And I can be a bit impatient sometimes. No disrespect or nothing.
As I said. I know beta builds can be unstable.

The things about beta being said, I’ve encountered no problems using the beta side from the little block menu thing not fitting correctly, but even that’s just a quick visual issue. The browser has worked flawless for me for a month until I got a new monitor yesterday and reinstalled some apps. These 15 hours are the only time I’ve had issues with the Beta, and I’m just using Chrome until I get the notification that the issue has been fixed.

Okay. That’s good. Less problems than I have had with other browsers.
But it had to be some major problems as usual when I am doing something :smiley:
Now so must I try to get some sleep and hope it works in the morning.

Have a nice morning, afternoon, evening or night wherever you are on the planet.

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Here is the windows x64 brave installer for 0.56.2

You can install the dev version by doing:

brave_installer-x64.exe --chrome-dev

Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the linux installer.

Also by installing this, the updater is not installed correctly/at all? So when the servers come back online, would make sense to set that up properly using the omaha installer.

keep an eye on this GitHub release page. This where I used to download Brave core (based on chromium) before it is officially mentioned on the page.
This may work. Please check.
Releases · brave/brave-browser · GitHub

Maybe works for windows files. I don’t know. I use Linux and the command are the same as the one that’s not working right now.

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My guess is that that can’t be correct. If that were so, you wouldn’t distinguish between the dev and beta versions at all.

The beta description also states that this version is suitable for daily use.

Does anyone have the beta version on a fileshare server or similar that they could distribute? :+1:

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Please check here for both beta and dev.

With GitHub I am unfortunately not at all familiar.
I downloaded Unfortunately I get an error message when starting brave.exe that the “side-by-side configuration is invalid”.

Having this same issue…hopefully they can get this back up and going soon. Thanks Brave Dev team!

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@MediaBird @Javin @nellaiseemai @Stoned_Beaver @KiwiJuce @Justin5580 @nubstik the zip files in Github Release pages is for debugging and symbols file. It would not work if you just download the zip files and run it. Unfortunately the servers are still in maintenance mode and would be available soon. You can track the status from here.

For Linux you can always download the .deb/.rpm files for Beta and Dev from Github. If you have added repo to source.list file you should still be able to update to the new version once update servers are back online.

There is no offline installer for Windows available so will have to wait on the servers to be back up.

Note: Downloading setup files shared on file hosting links is done by user at their own risk. We only recommend downloading it either from Brave’s Github repo or from Brave website.

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