Can't hide Tip link in Twitter

Unable to hide the “Tip” link on Twitter pages via Brave for Desktop (Windows).

Toggling the option in settings does not work.

Version 1.14.84 Chromium: 85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Did you quit/relaunch the browser after changing those settings?

The checkbox was unchecked initially.

I checked it, restarted the browser, then unchecked it, restarted. Problem seemed to disappear for a short period of time, then started up again.

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You may want to try clearing your cache for Twitter – I’m wondering if it is somehow “stuck” in there. Your process should have done the trick though. If it doesn’t stop after clearing cache/data for Twitter, let me know and I’ll see if I can rope a dev in on the situation.

Clearing the cache appears to have done the trick. Thanks!


You’re very welcome! :slight_smile: