Can't get to Brave Talk Premium

I signed up for Brave Talk Premium but every time I try to log in it just sends me back to the “start free call” page. When I click the Log In at the bottom (“Already have premium?”) it just keeps looping me back to the same page. I shut down the browser and restarted it but it made no difference. How do I access the premium talk feature?

Thank you for reaching out us.
Can you please try going to first, logging in, then visiting (or use the link from within itself) and check to see if you’re able to use Talk premium?

Thank you

Sorry, no it does not work. Same page as for the free trial. I need this to work within 1 hour!

And I tried it both ways.

Once I am logged in and I click on “log in” it sends me right back to the same page!!!

OK, Got it. I cleared the history for the last 24 hours and logged in again and it sent me to the correct page.


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Great work! Glad to hear the issue is resolved. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you.