How Do I Cancel Free Trial of Brave Talk?

How do I reach customer support so I can cancel my free trial and/or give a different credit card before I’m charged $7 for Talk Brave subscription? Thanks

Go to your Premium Account you created and cancel it.

  • How do I cancel a Brave Talk Premium subscription?

You can cancel a Brave Talk Premium subscription at any time. If you do cancel, you’ll have access to Brave Talk Premium features for the duration of the subscription period. After this period, you’ll still have access to Brave Talk for unlimited, free calls for up to 4 people.

To cancel a Brave Talk Premium subscription, log in to your Brave Premium account , locate the card for Brave Talk, and click Cancel plan.


Hi @LumeLife if you could like submit a ticket to our support form and provide the ticket number ID. I can cancel your subscription right away.

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Thank you, you helped me understand that I need to be logged into the premium account space first.

Thank you @SaltyBanana, I was able to troubleshoot an audio problem a client was repeatedly having on her end, so I’m going to continue my plan for now. I do have another technical question that I’ll start another chat for. Thanks!