Can't get all of my reward

I have a question for you.
I had almost 7.500 BAT pending for the last t month. When the 6th april comes I was able to claim the reward.
When I claimed it igot 2 BAT more in my browser wallet and 5.500 BAT pending. Nest payment date is 6th may.
Why can’t I get all my rewards ? Is there a limit?
I don’t have a verified wallet cause I can’t reach the 25BAT.
Please can you help me

Hi, @Ramiscou, does it help at all if you force stop the browser, clear the cache (not data), and then restart browser?..

I don’t know but I have the same thing on my desktop where I had almost 5BAT and it transfert 0.5BAT and left me 4.5BAT, and on my smartphone 7500 - 5000 and 2000 on the wallet…

Do you know, @Ramiscou , that the 25 min. BAT requirement to verify is only on Android? You can create and verify an Uphold account now on your desktop, if your region is supported.

But you should also know that there is a known issue right now with Uphold - BAT isn’t porting to it for some users.

I don’t have a verified account cause I can’t reach the 25 BAT and link my uphold.
If it gives me 2000 mx per month… Will take a long and I have more and more pending each month…

Okay, so then you need to follow the directions in Support’s post here, @Ramiscou :

Read it completely and carefully, and include all the information it says - screenshots will help a lot - in the DM to steeven

This might help you, too:

Thanks a lot I’ll try it.

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Please keep in mind that you will have to be patient, @Ramiscou , it’s going to take more than “a few days” because others are being assisted, too… good luck :crossed_fingers:

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