Can't delete account in brave wallet

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  1. I created a new account in Brave Wallet using the “Add Account” function beneath Secondary accounts in settings
  2. I can’t delete this account now/find how to delete this new account
  3. What I want to do is actually to have the one account in Brave Wallet then be able to import data from MetaMask as a 2nd account - is this possible?

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There’s no real way to delete an account since it’s derived from the master seed.
We will add a way to hide an added account here though:

You can do what you’re asking by exporting the private key in MetaMaks and importing it into Brave Wallet in this tab brave://wallet/crypto/accounts Add account → Import tab.

New to the community and I am not sure where to ask my question, but here looks like as good a place as any. I have misplaced my password and seed phrase for the new Brave wallet. No big deal I had nothing in it yet. My problem now is how do I get another one. Can’t see anything to delete it. Do I have to uninstall the Brave browser to create a new wallet? Thanks in advance. Zed.

You can reset your wallet from brave://settings/wallet but please be careful because you won’t have access to any account or funds linked to that wallet afterwards unless you have backed up your seed phrase.

That was QUICK! I am unable to do anything on that page you are describing.

Looks like you’re on the old wallet, you want to go to the new wallet.
In brave://settings/wallet change your default wallet to “Brave Wallet (Prefer Extensions)”

Still not able to do anything…

Your referring me to see above does not help. I have read and re read it, I can’t figure this out. Please be more specific? Is there a video to show how to do this?

I have no access to the password or seed phrase. No money or crypto in this wallet. Found the reset ! Thank you! :+1:

See above for how to reset your wallet back to the initial state.

Thank you for your quick response - I guess I’ll just somehow find a use for this extra account then. As for the MetaMask situation, I followed your steps and I can see my MetaMask account in my Brave Wallet now too thank you