I can't delete my 2nd wallet

I accidentally created a 2nd wallet. I’m trying to delete it, but the “Delete” button isn’t working for me.

1. Go brave://wallet/.
2. Click on your profile avatar
3. Click on Settings
4. Click on Contacts
5. Click on My Wallet Accounts
6. Select the wallet you want to view
7. Click Edit
8. Click Delete Account

The Save and Cancel bar at the bottom of the page disappears and it brings me back to “My Wallet Accounts” The wallet was not actually deleted:

I wanted to delete my 2nd wallet that I created by mistake:

This happens every time I attempt to delete the wallet:

Windows 10 64 Bit Home. Brave Version - [Version 1.11.101 Chromium: 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)]:

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Thank you for reporting this.
I’ve opened the following issue – one of our devs on the project mentions that it will likely be fixed in an upcoming version when we rebase MetaMask:

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