Crypto Wallets's account Deletion

Hello, curiously, I created a Crypto Wallets account. I have looked for the option to eliminate it but it has been impossible, I have also noticed that when I created the account, an extension with that name appeared in my browser. The extension disappears when going to brave://settings/extensions, and in the option “Ethereum provider for using Dapps” change it to “ask” or “none” instead of “Crypto Wallets”.

Is there a way to delete my account? since I don’t use this type of service at all

Greetings, Markook

Apologies for the extra late reply.
The newest implementation of the crypto wallet feature installs as an extension – which is what you’re seeing appear in brave://settings/extensions. At this time, we don’t have a direct way to delete an account within the UI, but this feature is being implemented shortly:

Additionally, in an upcoming update, the Wallet feature will have some additional options that allow you to stop Brave from loading the wallet extension on launch:

Ok thanks for the information Mattches!


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