Delete unused wallet accounts

Hello everyone,

I set up the wallet in Brave today. In addition to a default account, a second account appears here. Both have a balance of 0 and are not used. I’m just using an imported account that I exported before trying to reset the wallet.
Is there a way to remove the unused accounts from the wallet? It’s not bad, but bothers me a little.

Many thanks for your help.

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Setting up a fresh wallet (iOS) should show the following two primary accounts. Are these the unused accounts that you are referring to ?

That’s exactly what the two are. I use Windows.

Those two accounts are required for Ethereum and Solana dapps to connect to Brave Wallet, which is why we do not allow deleting them.

There have been discussions in the past on allowing users to hide unused accounts, but this has not be prioritised so far. See:

I’ll revive the conversation again within the team, but for now feel free to rename your accounts to something indicating that they are unused or should not be used.

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Okay, great - thank you.

Is it bad if I rename these accounts?

I don’t see any issue with using account names as labels, if they make sense to you.

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