Cant click cookie banner on

Using version Android 1.47. 171 with block cookie notices toggled on whenever i visit i cannot accept the cookie consent notice. It shows up after I’ve read my 1st article then go back to main site page. Clicking it does nothing and i can no longer use the site

Thanks for reaching out with this. Can you tell me what Android version you’re using? On my end I do not see this cookie notice — does it appear when you first land on the site or does it only appear after browsing for a while or when clicking on an article, etc?

cc @fanboynz to take a look at this

Reviewed the site, the cookie message is tied with the videos. So blocking the cookie message prevents playback

Tested using:
||$script, in brave://adblock

Hi, thanks for the reply. After i go to i click on 1 article then after reading the article i swipe back to take me back to the main page when this cookie overlay shows up. I’ll attach screenshot of my Android version etc. Thanks

Thanks for the information — I’ve reached out to our Shields team for more information on why this is happening. Testing on my end, I still cannot get the banner to appear. Will keep you updated on what the team says.

Appreciate your patience.

I have updated my browser to version 1.47.175 and the issue seems to have rectified itself. Thank you very much :blush: