Cookie Consent Notices pop-up in 1.51.1

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Description of the issue: Cookie consent notices are coming even though the “Block Cookie Consent Notices” option is ON… (In the version earlier to 1.51.1 this was much reduced)

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Enable “Block Cookie Consent Notices” in Brave Shields and Privacy
  2. Go to (an example website)
  3. Cookie Consent Notice pops-up

Expected result: Cookie consent notice must be hidden when “Block Cookie Consent Notices” option is in ON condition

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.51.1

Mobile Device details iOS 16.5

Additional Information:

In the previous version to 1.51.1, the consent notices were hidden when they popped up but now until I select “I agree” or “I Do not Agree” they never go away…

I use Private browsing mode always…hence it is tiring to press “I agree” or “I Do not Agree”…

Go to brave://adblock and make sure cookie notices are on, or uncheck/check the cookie notices in Settings and see if the adblock page is reflecting the changes.

The adblockers don’t work with magic, it works with Adblock Filter lists, and these ‘regional’ filters should be working if they are enabled. Android supports the same features as Desktop so no reason not to work.

Also, make sure you have the adblocker set to Aggressive, I don’t think it will change anything because regional or custom lists or filters don’t respect the Standard vs Aggressive rules, but blocking both 3p and 1p by default lists is important.

Thank you for the feedback…

Even after trying what was suggested I am still getting the ‘Cookie Consent Notices’ in the page…

Then it is not in the list, and it has to be improved.

Again, if the filter list is on, then Adblocker can only do what filter lists says, it can’t make what the list doesn’t have. Cookie notices are elements being hidden or blocked, just like any other element ad or tracker or annoyance, so unless it is on the list, it won’t work.

Are you in Europe or something? because this seems to be regional as well, because I never got it.

But in your post, the problem is you make it sound like there was a rule for it and somehow the cookie notices aren’t being blocked again, yet, it is only in ONE site and you didn’t remove it properly.

You can make your own custom rule anyway, but your whole posty needs to be edited, your title and information, or make a new one, so Brave team can know Brave or Easylist/Fanboy or uBlock lists have to be added, improved, fixed, or whatever, because it is not the cookie notices list, it is just The Verge that needs a specific rule for it, because again, adblockers can’t do anything they are not told to do, and those are Filter Lists.
Also, it is not

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