Rewards Not Received for Various Reasons

I haven’t been able to retrieve rewards for several months.
First ads stopped showing. I adjusted notifications on my desktop, and thought everything was working again.
Then I got some rewards, and couldn’t connect my Uphold wallet.
Then I finally got my Uphold wallet connected after contacting Uphold a few times, but the rewards were stuck in pending.
Then they said to be paid out on August 11 because of delay.
Then August 11 came and went, but no rewards showed up. My Uphold showed as connected with three different Brave sources, each with 0 tokens.
Today, the 13th, I disconnected my Uphold wallet and tried reconnecting in case something was wrong there, and now I’m “flagged” indefinitely.
Is everyone having these issues, and is there a better way to stash your token balances in your account to cash them out later without losing them if you reinstall your browser?

its a basic problem

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