Unable to login Uphold account in Brave

Dear Sir
I am unable to link the uphold account to brave. I just linked only 2 devices
Now, I am trying to log in to another is not verifying the uphold wallet. I have already contacted the uphold support also there are saying please contact the brave. Please help me

I send the details of your asked to me. Please solve my problem
I hope after this process is completed I am able to link the third device, Sir Who has much time to take to complete the total process. Please reply to me and please reply sir
Thank you very much, Sir

Hi @Ganesh1, welcome to Community :smiley:

When you are connecting your wallet, what error do you see appear?

Dear Sir
I am unable to log in to uphold account to brave from the last 10 to 15 days onwards, Sir with my uphold account, I linked to 2nd device only sir. But now I am trying to link to 3rd device it’s not login sir please help sir
And I am providing the Images also, Sir Please verify them once, Sir
Image one is after I am entering my Authenticator cord
Image second is the page is loading and the last Image third is after completing log in the process it’s showing login again, Sir
Please help me sir on this issue and please reply

Hi @Ganesh1,

The notification you received is stating you need a minimum of 15 BAT in order to complete the verification process to Uphold.

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Recently my friend verify the uphold account without having 15 BAT
Please help me sir and please reply
thank you, sir

How recent is “recently”? Uphold has lowered the verification fee from 25 BAT to 15 BAT on March 31 2021. So it’s slightly over 7 months that this fee is being applied.

@Ganesh1 If you have a verified (KYC documents submitted and approved) Uphold account, you don’t need minimum 15 BAT to link your wallet with Uphold.

If you don’t have a verified Uphold account and can create one by registering on https://wallet.uphold.com/signup and submit your KYC documents

I am submit my all KYC documents to uphold and I am already login the two device with same account. When I am trying to login to third device it not verifying my uphold account. I am contact the upload also there are saying this problem is only solved my brave. Please solve my problem and please reply to me
Thank for your help

@Ganesh1 Image 2nd and 3rd that you have posted are not related to verifying wallet. What happens when you “Continue to login” as shown in image 1 posted by you and Authorise and input you Uphold credentials?

A screenshot (of error, if any) after putting in your Uphold credentials might help.

I am attaching another image please verify it and please help me
This Image is after entering my google authenticator code the page is nearly 1-minute loading. After that, we can see the uphold wallet is verified or not it showing not verified
Please help on this issue and please reply

@Ganesh1 Are you able to login on Uphold separately in another tab?

Did you get any error like this immediately after when Uphold redirected to rewards page? -

Do have an external wallet address on brave://rewards-internals?

Do you think you have exceeded 4 lifetime device limit on Uphold, including all uninstall and reinstalls of Brave that were previously connected to your Uphold account?

You can try this- Make sure your Brave is Updated. Disable Brave Shield on Uphold page where it asks to authorise and then login. Do this after you are logged in to Uphold in another tab. .

If this doesn’t work, tag someone from support team. They can help you further.

No, I not getting any type of message while the login process and my uphold account just linked only two devices when I am trying to log in to the third device it’s not verifying. Yes I have an external wallet address on brave://rewards-internals it’s showing Verified
Please help me and please reply to me

@SaltyBanana Please see this.

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