Cannot use brave with Salesforce Lightning Experience

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Disactivate Brave Shield
  2. Connect to Salesforce in Lightning Experience (LEX)
  3. Go to Setup > Visualforce Pages

**Expected result: the content does not display in the setup menu windows. When I test it on google chrome it is okay.

Brave KO :

Google Chrome OK:


Brave Version( check About Brave): v 0.68.138 to 142 / v 0.69.132

**Additional information : you can create a Salesfroce developer account here to reproduce the action -> **

Try turning off script blocking:

Hello, the shield is not activated as you can see:

I’m having the accept same issue. When I go to Setup > Profiles, the margins load, but the actual profile list never populates. I also have “shields down”.

Just to add, I am experiencing the same issue. Up until about a week ago everything working fine with Salesforce LEX in Brave (Shields Down) but now there are quite a few critical features not supported. These include emailing quick action, many of the Setup screens (Profiles, Users, Call Centres etc) and some visualforce pages.

I am running with shields down and scripts disabled, still nothing displayed.

I did read this in the JS console: “Uncaught DOMException: Failed to read the ‘sessionStorage’ property from ‘Window’: Access is denied for this document.”

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I have the same issue, is not loading the profile, users, company settings and also Object manager, the information is not displayed at the right side.

yup, I have the same issue. No page in Salesforce Setup is loading, even with Shields down.
The same happened for me in Firefox, but turning off content blocking fixed the issue.
Not in the Brave tho, please fix.

Broken here as well… Have to switch back to Chrome.

Hello everyone,
I notice that everyone here says that they’ve had Shields down for the site – can you actually try Shields Up, but in the Shields panel change the Device Recognition setting to Allow all...?


Just tried, not working either.

I have found that if you reenable shields and then Enable All Cookies and Disable Blocking of Cross-Site Trackers that it will work after. Hope this helps.


What cross-site trackers are being listed?

in this particular scenario of sending an email from a case its a “instancename” tracker.

The filters currently being used in Brave:



Disconnect list:


I’m guessing the Disconnect list filter is the one is causing the issue.

If you’re using ubo. and manually add the Disconnect filter above, and then PM a screenshot (of the ubo blocked items), on that page, I could see how that filter breaks the site.

I confirm that the work around is working.

How to configure the disconnect list filter?

Its part of the main lists we use. I’m trying to find why its breaking. If someone just uses ublock origin with ||^$third-party as a filter.

The just screenshot the blocked items (pm if its private)

I have a possible fix.

Just confirming its working, and will need to get reviewed. Thanks for everyone helping out!

Awesome thanks for the help.

Working now, thank You!