Cannot send sol from brave wallet

unable to send SOL using brave wallet.

latest android version.

@Saoiray @Evan123

gfy scammer. reported.

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Hello! This issue is related to the failed transactions with Solana that others have been experiencing across the space.

We’re working on better retry logic so that it automatically retries failed transactions. You may also see an improved experience by changing the RPC node for the Solana network.

Link to adjusting RPC:

List of available RPCs:

… no web3 option in settings, brave://settings/web3 not found.

are you sure this works in android…?

Ah sorry I missed that. It should be under your Wallet Networks customization settings. Similar to this from iOS:

that is there. but there is nothing to edit.

I would have to add a second sol network it seems.

I’ll just write off sol until you guys sort it out I guess.

seems this problem was caused by the minimum sol balance requirements.

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