Cannot reorder Brave tabs in Wayland mode

Description of the issue:

Tabs in Brave in Wayland mode cannot be be reordered by dragging. It does not matter if the tabs are oriented horizontally or vertically. This is also present in the current beta and nightly builds. I took a video of what I am describing, but I can’t upload the attachment because I am a new user. It should be self-evident in testing.

The tabs do not pop out into their own windows, they just animate a little as if they were being picked up but otherwise don’t move.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install the current stable build of Brave. In my case I tested with brave-bin, brave-beta-bin, and brave-nightly-bin on Arch from the AUR.
  2. Navigate to brave://flags and set the “Preferred Ozone Platform” to “Wayland”.
  3. Open multiple tabs and attempt to reorder them by dragging.

Expected result:

I should be able to use Brave in Wayland mode and still reorder my tabs by dragging them.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:

This issue is not present when running either Brave Stable, Beta, or Nightly under XWayland by not setting the “Preferred Ozone Platform” flag.

My system is running Arch Linux 6.3.3-arch1-1 using Wayland with the Hyprland window manager on Intel and NVIDIA hardware. I am happy to provide additional details as needed to help debug.

Another nicely detailed report — thank you. I’m curious if you have any other chromium based browsers you might be able to test the behavior in? Curious if this is related to the Wayland mode/flags specifically or if it’s the way Brave interacts with them.

In the meantime I will include this report with the last one you left for the Linux team to review.

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Good idea. I just tested this against Chromium Version 113.0.5672.126 (Official Build) Arch Linux (64-bit) (pacman -S chromium). Tabs cannot be dragged in Wayland mode there either, must be an upstream Chromium issue.

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That would be my thought as well. I’ve informed our Linux and Chromium folks so at minimum they are aware of the issue, but will likely have to wait for an upstream fix as you stated.

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Thanks. If that’s the determination, can the Brave team report this to upstream? I don’t know where Chromium bugs are tracked and a bug report from a browser team surely carries more weight than me.

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Looks like both of these are going to be upstream fixes — although I’m not sure if I see this exact issue about reordering tabs that you are. Does this describe the behavior you’re seeing (see recording in issue):>Ozone

Nope, I’m getting a different issue. I can’t get the tab to leave the browser via dragging at all, and I can’t reorder the apperance of the tabs within the browser.

Can I get my “new user” status lifted so I can share the video I took?

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I’ve upgraded your standing and you should now be able to upload the video.

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Looks like this was an issue a while back too that seems to still not have been resolved:

I can’t find the exact issue that captures this in any of the Chromium issues but I will keep digging and prod the Linux team to report if I can’t find one.

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I have managed to work around this issue by changing my Hyprland window manager settings by enabling the follow_mouse input setting.

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