Cannot login with Google on selected websites

Description of the issue:
On some websites, I can log in using my Google account as normal.
On other websites, the pop-up window appears, but then immediately disappears with no login.

NOTE: I have two separate Brave profiles. This error only displays on one of them. I clicked the Brave Shields icon on both profiles for the same website (the one I cannot log into), and I copied all the settings from the “good” one to the “bad” one, but the behavior persisted.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Login to using Google sign-in succeeds.
  2. Login to using Google sign-in fails.

Expected result:
Google sign-in is successful on all websites.

Brave Version:

Additional Information:
I have looked at several different threads on the web related to this issue. I have tried allowing all cookies, to no effect. (Oddly, the profile in which login works still has the setting “Block cross-site cookies” instead.) I have tried “Shields down”. I have tried clearing Google cookies. I have tried clearing all browser history since the dawn of time.

Haven’t thought this through much yet, but as a first stab, under brave://settings/socialBlocking do you have this enabled?


I’m thinking maybe unrelated but it’s an easy thing to check.

Also, I do notice this on the Upwork Google login flow:


Note the URL of the attempted pop-up. Might simply be getting killed by the pop-up blocker.

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Hi, thanks for your quick reply! To your two points:

  1. Yes, “Allow Google login buttons on third party sites” is enabled.
  2. I’m not sure where that pop-ups dialogue box is or how to get to it. Maybe that’s a basic thing but I’m basic-er. :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I just tried was, during the 1.5 seconds that the Google login pop-up appears, I was able to grab the URL in the pop-up’s address bar. I then opened a new regular tab and opened that URL. What I got was this (animated) on a white screen:

google error

OK, no worries.

The 2nd screenshot I showed is in the actual URL bar when I went thru the login steps on that site. You should see it up there just like in the screenshot, and you can click on it and allow pop-ups for that site. (Not sure if you’ll have to reload the page after, but if nothing happens after allowing pop-ups, try a Reload.)

The other thing you can try is going to brave://settings/content/siteDetails? (just as you see it there) and change this setting:


But it might be easier to just use the 1st method.

I don’t see anything on the right of my address bar like in your screenshot. Anyway, I tried changing the settings for, but that didn’t do anything. And then I tried clearing all data for that site, and still no dice.

It’s really perplexing to me why I can open this website in a different Brave profile but not in this one (the one where I actually want to view the site). So I’ve been using Firefox for viewing Upwork, which is a bit of a hassle but oh well…

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