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I want to contribute code to Brave, but there are so many different pages that I have no idea where to start. Are most of the bugs and triages discussed here, the issue page, or the Discord? The forum seems a little dead on the Developer category, and there’s a split between Sync, iOS, and Desktop that seem to have their own nuances and ways of doing things.

I want to help out on brave-sync. Is there anyone in particular I should talk to in order to get started? The Discord doesn’t have a channel for sync and there aren’t any beginner issues for me to get comfortable with the code base. Maybe I should start somewhere else?


Sorry for the delayed response. You can go through the open issues on and find an issue that you can fix. Best way is to open a PR and submit it and someone from the team will guide you if you have any issues.

You can discuss Sync on desktop feedback channel as there isn’t a dedicated channel for sync on Discord and Sync is currently only available for desktop.

Hope that helps. Do let me know if you have any other questions.

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