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Syncronization doesn’t work between two desktop PCs.
I have read a thread for to go to brave://Sync-internals to stop sync and I did this way.
But after what I have to do?
Nothing happened!
I cannot delete my device from the list because the cross symbol for deletion does not appear (screenshot attached)
Why doesn’t it existe a comun key for to start the synchronization but I can only choose to exit the synchronization chain or to to delete the account of synchronization?!!!

Versione 1.48.171 Chromium: 110.0.5481.177 (Build ufficiale) (a 64 bit)

Check if you have the preferences for Sync having checked out data you would like to sync. Also, you can exit the sync chain and rejoin, I suppose ?

I have just checked all.
Now I exit the sync chain and I rejoin after coping the password from a Mac and I succeeded! I don’t know the way…
Thanks you very much!

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