Cannot connect Gemini to Brave rewards all of a sudden

I see that Canada is a region that is blocked from connecting Brave rewards to Gemini although I have been collecting them for many months with no issue. So how am I supposed to collect and retrieve Brave rewards now? By the way it still works on my android but desktop is what I use most!

If it’s a browser & device that has been linked prior, you will still be able to connect. If it’s on a new device, you have done a factory reset, or any of those things then you won’t be able to link with Gemini.

Use Uphold? It is still supported for Canada. Otherwise you just keep collecting in your browser and wait for Canada to be supported again in terms of linking to Gemini or for there to be a third option.

Yep, like first response said, it will work for any that has already linked. So it continues going. I’m guessing your desktop has a new installation or something?

I would like to add, that if he’s disconnected from Gemini and has his Brave updated and selected his region, the button for connecting to Gemini will be greyed out, means no response no matter how many times you click it.

It won’t even take you to Auth page for gemini.

As @Saoiray already mentioned, you can connect to Uphold.

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