Cannot click on the profile or notification button on youtube

Good evening,

I’ve been a Brave user for a few months now and I thoroughly enjoy it. There has been no problem until this morning where I turned on my computer as usual, went to youtube and tried to click on the notification bell and simply was not able to. This has never happened before. I tried to look up a fix but deleting cache did not help. The problem persists even after I uninstalled and reinstalled. This is happening on my windows machine, whereas the browser on my Mac is functioning just fine. This is a bit frustrating, I don’t want to switch back to Chrome. Please help

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Developers are aware of the issues, hopefully a fix will be committed as soon as possible.

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I can confirm the same problem, may be related to a recent windows update. I’m seeing the same problem on multiple windows systems. All four Youtube icons in the upper right are inoperative: Create, Youtube apps, Notifications and the identity icon. For me, this is only happening on the desktop Brave browser on Windows.

Update: It’d seem that the devs have managed to fix this bug I’m not sure, because I can access those buttons now, very odd incident.

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