Can’t transfer my BAT’s to Uphold wallet. It shows 0 balance / FIX do not work / If you have the same problem please write to this post!


Long story short: Can’t transfer my BAT’s to Uphold wallet. It shows 0 balance. FIX do not work, tried multiple times to do everything as describer, from different OS with latest Brave browser installed.

I have the same problem as on this topic: FIX didn’t work, BAT still not porting to uphold - #5 by smildenhall / tried to update and reconnect my wallet with uphold, but it didn’t work.

I also send a message with my information to Steeven, but did not received a reply.

Thank you!

My problem still persists.

It’s not worth getting involved with Uphold at this time. Maybe later if they can improve their customer service. There have been numerous complaints about Uphold. For myself, I have been unable to access my funds at Uphold for more than 3 weeks. They blocked my account and have not been responding to my requests for an update.

Please see Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet.

I had already dm you. but u are not responding.

I mentioned that fix did not work. I have the same problem. Already DM’em you, but did not received any answer. Did an update, reconnected with uphold, tried to do the same thing with another computer/os, still not working.

I guess it is a big struggle for Steeven to sort these problems. Many users have the same problem, fix do not work. Tried on different computers/os / same problem.

YES … same problem here.

Same problem here, all details provided @steeven but no more answer since more than a month now :frowning_face:

If there is a solution already, why support team is not taking action? I do not understand.

And @steeven why you ask for DM with information if you are not answering it for more than a month? I understand how many users are dealing with the same problem and how many messages you are receiving, but maybe Brave team should consider adding more people to help you with support?

For anyone here encountering this issue – we hear, you we are aware of it, and as @steeven pointed out, we have an open thread for this. There is no reason to open this new one. Please understand that @steeven and the rest of support staff get 100s of DMs and look at even more threads every day and sometimes you may have to wait for a response as well as for a fix. Please do not continue tagging us and/or sending any additional DMs simply because you have not gotten a direct response. It will only further clutter our inboxes.

We appreciate your patience