I cant transfer my BAT token from brave to uphold(I have been submitting this issue for the past 3 months)

I have provided all required info such as screenshot/version of brave and more

This hasn’t been resolved for now 3 months. extremely frustrating. Steveen was helping like one or twice and then, without resolving the issue, this has been completely forgotten.

Can anyone really help?

ensure that u verify ur identity on uphold

I am having a similar issue, even after having a verified account on uphold didn’t get any payout.
However @steeven says they are working on a fix that will be out by the next update.

Same issue here for more than 3 months now and @steeven has submitted opened an issue for the dev team and I hope they sort this out.

@Batlover - thanks for your patience. Please see DM. Your issue is resolved.

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