Transfer of BAT to uphold is not working

I cant tranfer any BAT to uphold.Im not having every day i get 1.5 or 2 BAT and I contribute 1 BAT everyday…so the excess like 0.5 or 0.8 BAT i cannot transfer…Does anyone know why?


I have the same issue then like i cant transfer my BAT to my uphold…maybe this cabe the issue


same here, hopefully @steeven or @Aa-ron could help with this

@Jonathan.Tuck we are adding other options soon. Gemini should be available in 1.27

@abishek189, Can you please elaborate on the issue you’re having?
Also, please provide OS and version number.


What options are being added, excited about this. Hope it’s not an exchange or “payment processer”.

Current version is 1.24.86 (for android) any eta or road map. i know Brave has a relatively small team of core devs.

Will there ever be a time there we can just put our public key and address?

@Jonathan.Tuck I apologise for the late reply…The issue I’m having is that… I use brave and at the end of the day I go to uphold and transfer money…so for the past 2 months, the BAT is not transferring any money, and the next day the BAT is set to zero and the previous is also not transferred

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You say this since 3y, I knew that Uphold was ripping off, I also got ripped off by them and Brave. Dont ask Mods for help here, they will also ripp you off.

Ask mods to reimburse your funds. I don’t think Brave will work with uphold in the future (at some point hopefully)

Don’t verify with uphold. The Brave team has said they are working woth more legitimate exchanges.

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The issue im facing is,the brave rewards will be shown on the browser and when I go to the uphold wallet there is no money updating its showing zero

Same here, pm’d Aaron and Steven.

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