Can’t install win 64 to laptop

Hi, can’t install win 64 to laptop keep getting err _connection_timed_out

Laptop is fine using other sites, internet connection is ok

Any suggestions?

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What actually you are trying to accomplish? What you are installing exactly?

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Hi installing the brave browser to windows 1064 bit. Just doesn’t seem to connect/ times out. Have tried using diff browsers

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Can you post a screenshot?


Try running the Brave browser in the Windows 8 compatibility mode for Win 10 install


I can’t even get the exe down load. The webpage times out - connection error. Can anybody else get the install exe to download ? Or is it an issue with my pc? Thx

Can you try downloading our stand alone installer from our official Github page and see if installation is successful using this method?

Hi! Will do, might not be till Wednesday. Will let you know how it goes. Thank you!

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Hi, sorry still no success.

Pressed run anyway on the exe file to get past the windows smart defender pop up.

Received the following error, tried running the exe as administrator and same result

Hope this helps


PC running windows 10 home

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