Can’t install brave browser

Hi, my brave browser wasn’t able to block ad. So I uninstalled it and tried to download and reinstall. But it doesn’t and say no available updates. Please advise.

You shouldn’t uninstall Brave because 'it didn’t block and" what ad are you talking about and where? you should report ads properly, because it could be a missing filter in an obscure page.
Adblockers work with adblocker lists, they don’t do anything automatically, they do what lists tell them to do.

First thing you need to do is to set it to Aggressive, and then it will block most ads, but nothing can be covered by 125K rules, and many have to be added, modified, removed in order to make Adblockers block ads, work okay and don’t break pages.

About installing Brave, how did you uninstall it, are you sure it was uninstalled? because if not it wouldn’t say there are no updates anymore.
Where did you get the installer?
What platform are you even talking about?

If windows, then the best way is to get the offline standalone installers from Brave github.

Just use to get the offline installer that will not check server and might avoid any issue.

You can get other OS versions if you are talking about Android or Linux or MacOS.

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I downloaded it from Brave official site and I downloaded desktop flatform.
Moreover, even I get the offline installer, it can’t be activated.

Again, what platform are you talking about, Windows?
what are you using to uninstall the browser?

‘it can’t be activated’ is not a way to explain what is going on here.

Provide Screenshots or more information or both, or even a recorded video what is exactly happening, because it should be 10 clicks and done, 6 clicks to uninstall and 4 to install it again.

If you are on Windows 11 you can run in CMD or Terminal winget unininstall Brave.Brave for example. or do a manual CMD uninstallation with setup.exe --uninstall --chrome-sxs --system-level that setup.exe can be found around "C:\Program files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\SOME Version Number\Installer", but not knowing your system, it is hard to, I don’t even know at the point if you have Windows or not.

I mean, properly uninstall it to properly install it.

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