How do I remove Brave Adblocker from Brave Browser?

I love Brave Browser, it’s great. What is bothering me here is the Adblock, I like to support youtubers so I never let adblocks block youtube ads, but the thing with Brave Adblocker is that even if I have the adblock disable, ads show up without an “Skip” option (Youtube does that when he recognize adblocks). How do I remove Brave adblocker from Brave Browser?

You can’t remove Brave Shields from Brave :sweat_smile:

Did you turn DOWN your shields for via Brave icon at URL bar?

I’m not sure if there’s anything that Brave can do to “solve” your issue. Since you don’t have your shields UP, then Brave “have no control” about ads that appears on site.

You may want to take a look to Brave Rewards, the other way to support publishers and creators.

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