Can see Brave ads but tokens are not increasing

I am receiving ads on the main tab not in the corner. My BAT tokens increased till 0.200 then it stopped, but receiving ads whenever I refresh the page been getting only ads about Gala Games. Tokens aren’t increasing.

Same problem. I get ads but rewards still 0.

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Same here shows I have not gotten any adds for many days but I get them every day and rewards are not increasing.

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Just wanted to update that I am still not getting BAT for ads on brave for windows or brave for android. I am seeing ads and getting notifications but not receiving any additional BAT for almost a week now.

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Try to clear the cache and other datas it worked for me after doing this but it’s like 1st day I am getting paid 2nd I’m not 3rd day I’m getting paid 4th nope

Still not getting any rewards for the ads in the browser or adds that pop up on notifications on phone.

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