Can Resetting Brave Rewards Remove a Flagged Account?

This summer my Rewards profile was flagged and Brave said the Rewards profile would not be reinstated. No real reason given other than “irregular activity”, which I find bogus and sent Brave emails that they did not respond to.

So if I Reset my Brave Rewards through Settings, will this create a new profile without a “flagged” status?

If not, is there any way to eventually remove a flag?

@ctouard this is somewhat of a trick question. In the past, resetting would remove the flag and you’d have a new profile created. Of course, people would continue doing what they did and eventually get flagged again. It was a dumb circle and this is part of what actually contributed to Brave getting rid of vBAT.

Supposedly Brave has modified things now to where you are flagged according to your custodial partner. So if your Android get flagged, you’ll also be flagged on your PC and any other device linked to the same Uphold. And if you go to reset Rewards and connect to that Uphold again, it will at least pretend you’re earning but it should end up flagged again during the next payout period. (meaning you should never get paid).

If you got this notice, then the answer is they had their antifraud teams look into it and you were given a final decision.

This is common procedure by banks, crypto exchanges, etc. Essentially Brave and a lot of these places used to provide more details to people. However it only resulted in people either trying to use that information to better learn how to avoid detection -OR- for them to try to argue.

If you don’t believe me on that, here are some things I’ve shared before:

Also topic below:

What about Coinbase?

It literally doesn’t matter which company you look up. They all do the same thing. What it means is you violated Terms of Service. It could be blatant fraud, abuse of the system, or whatever.

Brave is just supposed to be a web browser. If you’re trying to use it as a crypto miner or something, such as running automation programs or setting timers and trying to open NTP ads as often as possible to get the most BAT, you’re doing wrong. If you’re attempting to view ads from other countries, you’re doing wrong and violating Terms.

There’s a lot of things. I just touched on the most common sense ones.

If they have decided it won’t be reinstated, the answer is no.

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