Can not login to verified account


I’m not logged into email on my desktop all day long, so I grabbed my phone and verified my new account. The verification email brought me here in my phone browser where it appears I’m logged in and can post, but the desktop website won’t acknowledge my login as valid and if I try to create a new account I am told my email address is already in use.


Hi @bobbob,
Are you talking about login to

The login link from the email only can be used once. So if you want to log in from desktop, you neef to start a new log in.



Sorry, maybe posted in the wrong place. I’m speaking of the brave community site login.


Hi @bobbob,
Apologies for late response.

Is this still happens? cc @Mattches for help.

Thank you


Working now. I think I may have had the wrong password. Your account setup form doesn’t verify the password.