Gets error message when trying to log into a verifed account


macOS High Sierra 10.13.1
Brave 0.19.88

Prereq: A working verified brave publisher account

  1. Go to
  2. Enter credentials
  3. Click ‘Email link’
  4. The message ‘Couldn’t find a publisher with that domain name. Please try again or start a new verification.’ occurs
    Result: No login mail is received

A week ago we got our site confirmed as verified to be a Brave Publisher, and I have logged into the account, a couple of times via the email link sent. Everything was smooth and OK.

OBS: I mistakenly got the Publisher account account tied to a wrong Uphold account, and is working with Uphold to get that sorted out.

Just to show what happens, when tryin to create a new account:

EDIT: Missed a step

Publisher with account verification troubles
Publisher with account verification troubles

Hi @brisl,

Thanks for reporting and I’m sorry for slow response. :slight_smile:
cc @mrose or @LaurenWags for this.


Hi @brisl

I’ve shared this with the team to ask for assistance.



Thx - Guess it is busy times, NP.


Hi @brisl

I’m taking a look at this. Do you mind sharing your domain name? Send me a pm or email



After discussing the problem with @brisl, we discovered that you must omit “www.” when entering your domain name when logging in. This is not the intended behavior so I’ve opened an issue.


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