Brave isn't allowing me to log into my account

**Description of the issue:**when I try logging into my account it prompts me to enter my email address but when I enter my email address and hit the ‘get login link’ button it loads for a few seconds and then tells me “Please enter a valid email address.” even though I entered a valid email address. please help me with what I should do, thank you very much.
How can this issue be reproduced?

1.go to brave/acount
2.enter email address
3.hit the get login link button

Expected result:
proper login
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.58.137 Chromium: 117.0.5938.153 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

Hey @YehudaS

Could you please give us your email address or at least a very similar one (same TLD), since it’s not possible to troubleshoot your problem without it.

Thank you & have a great day!

my email address is … thank you very much

@YehudaS I have no idea who chraebsli is, but I do want to point out that generally sharing things like your email on places like this is not recommended. Often people will use this to try to hack into accounts or to send scam/phishing emails. So be very careful. Especially if you receive contact via your email address.

I’ve been able to receive emails when trying to both my Creators account and my Brave premium. Have you been making sure to check your junk/spam folders in your email?

Also want to make sure, are you going through or Creators login at

I am going through and also thanks for the warning about the email address, I have already removed it

@Saoiray I didn’t mean him to share his full email address, that’s why I wrote “or at least a very similar one (same TLD)”. But since English isn’t my native language, I didn’t realize that you can understand that sentence in two ways. I am genuinely sorry for that!

I don’t know how Brave checks for matching email addresses, but I thought @YehudaS may use an email address with a less known TLD, which isn’t implemented yet from brave.

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All good @chraebsli. I checked your post history and it didn’t seem like scam, which is why I didn’t go all negative or remove your post. I just wanted to give a good general warning for them.

And as to @YehudaS, I just want you to check your spam/junk folder to make sure. Kind of verify nothing there. Also may say to try to clear cache/cookies for it and try again.

If still can’t, then reply here to advise and I can try to tag in Steeven to look into it with you in case there’s any issue.

Ok I checked my spam folder and there was nothing there. Also I cleared the cache and cookies and it still doesn’t work.

I really appreciate that, it’s a very important reminder in such situations.

I tried to send a login link successfully to [email protected] (which matches your email address) and also to a Gmail address I own.
As @Saoiray suggests, check your spam folder. You should have got an email from [email protected].

Here is how it looks like in Gmail web:

sorry but there was nothing in the spam folder and the issue isn’t that I’m not recieving the email the issue is that they aren’t sending it.

@steeven wanted to tag you in. Seems to be working for me and others. Not sure where issue may be on YeshudaS saying not receiving.

I’m sure you already did this, but could you double-check your email address for any typos?

@Saoiray thanks for flagging, reviewing.

Hi @YehudaS, please see our DM. Thank you.

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