I can't login to my publishers account anymore



I got an email from Brave titled “BAT Publishers: Multi-property support now live!” and it sounded like good news. However when I went to sign in to my publisher’s account on Brave it gave me an error saying “Couldn’t find a publisher with that email address.” So what do I do now?

I still have access to my Uphold account and my site that’s registered is still verified but my email does not appear to be in Brave’s Publisher system. What’s happening?


cc: @nvonpentz for support



Could you also please remind us of your site(s)?



I would like to add more sites and I was hoping that’s what the Multi-property update would do. However I only have one site verified. Will listing it here correct this login issue?


So is @nvonpentz going to help with this issue or do I have to send him a message to him directly?


@nvonpentz will respond to your query.


Hi @AnimaterCreator,

Does this correctly summarize your experience?

  1. You have a one verified website
  2. Before the multi-channel update, you were able to log in into your account
  3. After the multi-channel update, you are unable to log into your account
  4. You would like to verify a different site for the first time, but are unable to because of (3)

Please dm me the domain names and the associated email addresses and I will look into this. If you ever attempted to verify a website but did not complete the process, it would be helpful to have the email address used as well.



That basically correctly summarizes my experience except the 4th bulletin.

  1. Correct
  2. Correct.
  3. Correct.
  4. Not quite, my site still appears to be verified (which is great) and I would like to keep using that site. However I would like to add other sites as well.

I will DM you the domain names and associated email addresses so that you are able to address these issues.

Thank you Nick! :raised_hands:t6:

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