Can not access to my old account

Guys i have an old account i have a lot of bat on it but unfortunately i loose my phone
I wanna know how i can have back my wallet or account to have again my bat

Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately if your browser was not verified/linked with Uphold there’s nothing we can do to return your BAT. We need the wallet information from the phone at minimum, which appears to be lost.

It was linked with uphold but i dont see any bat on it

Same happened to me . Lost mobile phone Brave was connected with Uphold .
Uphold walet is on my other phone. How to get BAT back ??

If you had verified wallets with any funds in them, all you need to do is verify your new device’s (or PCs) brave wallets with the same Uphold account. Any BAT in the Uphold account will be synced to the browser wallet.

In general, however, there’s really nothing we can do for these types of situations.

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