Access account on new phone

I got a new phone and I cannot seem to access my old account, even after syncing

  1. Buy new phone
  2. Install Brave
  3. Sync as instructed
  4. Check rewards

You will have a zero balance, even if you had 30 BAT on your old phone

**Brave Version 1.14.83, Chromium 85.0.4183.102

Mobile Device details Android 10; OnePlus A6013 Build QKQ1.190716.003

I just want to be able to login to my account

Rewards can’t be sync between devices. There is no such option. If you have connected to uphold on your previous device you can reconnect to it on the new device once you reach 25 BAT balance.

What the heezell does that option do then (see screenshot)? And so how do I go about getting the BAT that I had on my account before I switched phones?

Sync is for bookmarks/tabs/password not for Rewards. Like I said before if you have connected uphold wallet on your previous phone you should be able to retain the BAT there and when you accumulate 25 BAT on the new device you can link the account by connecting it.

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Uphold wallet was connected to my previous phone before the BAT deletion snafu in August. I got the BAT I had earned up to that point in my uphold wallet, and had to start a brand new account. Since August 1st I have earned 4+ more BAT that is now inaccessible to me. That I couldn’t send to my uphold account because it wouldn’t let me “verify wallet” until I had 25 more BAT to claim

Right – this is because you are attempting to verify a new device. There is a four device limit for each Uphold account, so attempting to verify this wallet counts as a separate Android device, and therefore requires the 25 BAT min. to verify/transfer.

That said, if you go to your Uphold account, you should see the BAT from any other verified wallets in your account – is that correct?

Yes, my uphold account has
27 BAT in it, but my dead, broken phone that has no service has a Brave Account on it with 4+ BAT on it that I cannot send to my Uphold account

The OnePlus 6 is my phone, and the OnePlus 3T will no longer turn on. I will remove it from my list of devices on the account as soon as I can get the BAT transferred into my OnePlus 6 account or into my uphold account

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