Can JS allowance be set permanently for a specific domain on a website?

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How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Have Brave disable all JS by default
  2. Go to a webpage such as that has JS scripts from multiple domains
  3. Bring up the Shields screen and when expanding the scripts, you have an option to allow a specific script from a specific domain only once for the site.

Why can’t there be an option to always allow any scripts from a specific domain on a specific website as opposes to only having an “allow once” option?

Or can Brave do this and I’m missing something?


Expected result:
Not needing to continually select “allow once” on a webpage to allow specific JS

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After you click on the Brave Shields icon, rather than choosing “Allow scripts once”, disable the whole “Scripts blocked” option.

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Hello and thank you for the quick response. I had thought about your suggestion but that then allows all JS to run regardless of what domain the JS is coming from. Example, some websites have javascripts that are sourced from the website you are on as well as javascripts that are sourced from google, etc for potential tracking purposes and such. If I only want to allow the javascripts directly from the website to run and not all the other additional javascripts that were farmed out to other companies, the only option is via the “allow once” option which is a rather painstakingly way to go.

Does that make sense?


Using uBlock Origin would be the best approach to control 3rd-party scripts.

That makes sense, but how is that configured with Brave? Do I set Brave to always allow javascript and set uBlock Origin to then handle all javascripts? Thanks for the advise!

Yes, allow JavaScript globally in Brave at brave://settings/shields, and then block 3rd-party scripts with uBlock Origin.

Note: blocking 3rd-party scripts (JavaScript) will most likely break most of the websites you visit, so prepare yourself for some extra work in the beginning. Once you have configured those websites, you’ll notice a performance improvement, the extra work is definitely worth it.

The screenshots on Github are out-dated, they’re from the old UI. Gorhill improved the UI of the dashboard, now users can easily tell which domain names execute 3rd-party scripts and frames:

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