Can I save all my BAT tokens for some time without Withdrawing?

Hello Community
I have briefly describe my issue:
Firstly I wanted to inform you guys that I’m a new Brave user. I have only spend nearly 1-1.5 month on Brave…

There is some problem in my bank account for some time by which now at this time I’m not able to withdraw my BAT to my Uphold/Gemini account for same reason. Also, I not have any account in Gemini/Uphold (Inshort, I’m Unverified)

is it compulsory to withdraw/transfer all bat to Wallet?
or Can I store/save my BAT for long time without Withdraw or Transfer the BAT???

Please reply, Thank you

You can save in your browser as long as you wish after claiming it. But don’t reinstall brave or don’t reset PC.

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