Can I assign Brave VPN to a single browser?

I only need the VPN for my Brave browser, I have problems when my IP address changes on the main browser I use. Is their anyway to remove the VPN services for anything other then Brave? I use windows 11 BTW.


No. Brave VPN implementation is is system wide. Unless you complicate yourself with VMs and proxies and stuff like that, real VPNs are usually mean to be system wide, unless they make a browser or something like that.

There is but I don’t know how easy or complicated it is to set up or if it is possible to use it with Brave’s VPN since it comes from Guardian, maybe send Guardian VPN an email and ask them directly.

  • Tunneling only certain applications. “AllowedApps” and “DisallowedApps” are WireSock extension options that allow only selected applications to be tunneled. For example, the Chrome browser can be configured to go through a VPN tunnel, while Firefox will connect directly through your normal internet connection.