Built-in-app browser doesn't work

I can’t share anything from “built-in-browser” from any app that has this feature enabled. Take a look at the screenshot. The list from the red square is that what doesn’t work. I click any of them and 0 reaction. Screenshot below:

And the header, is dead. While holding, the link is not copied, the “tweet” button doesn’t work, and the brave shield icon doesn’t work as well. Screenshot below:

Thank you for reaching out to us.
It appears that you’ve reached these sites via some other app — can you please tell me how you landed on these sites?

Thank you

Yes. As i mentioned it is “built-in-app” that most of Android apps have. In my case it is Twitter app. Screenshot below:

And if you toggle this option off do these links launch the actual Brave app (as opposed to the “Twitter browser”)?

Yes. But I’m comfortable with opening links in the app. The point is that in-app browser in running in Brave. Screenshot below:

If you set any other browser as your default web browser, then perform the same actions, do you see the same behavior? Or is this specifically/only Brave that causes the issue with the Share options?

I think the problem is only in Twitter in-app browser, becouse I just opened a link from Gmail and it looks different, and all the links work good.

Does Brave team have any personal problems with Twitter team? I have no idea why is there the top menu not changed like in Gmail or other apps. Reddit in-app browser work well too.

It looks like you are misunderstanding things. You are trying to open sites with built-in browsers, not with Brave.
Using the example you mentioned, you are trying to open a site using the Twitter browser. Although it may try to use another browser’s engine, it is still a Twitter browser. Brave, or any other vendor, cannot be responsible for any code developed by any other company.

Hmm, it make sense. I think Twitter specifically disabled these features so that all links are shared within the Twitter itself or with the link to the tweet, and not outside the platform.

Thanks, the topic can be closed.

After talking to the team, this does actually appear to be something we can fix. I believe the following issue covers what you’re seeing:

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