Bugged Triangle Icon for Human Verification, Can't Claim Rewards

Hi there,

I just wasted 1.5 hours trying to drag the triangle icon the specified target shape but when I drag the triangle, I can’t see the damn triangle. It’ll just keep saying Hmm, not quite… and it’s an endless loop where I can never ever claim the damn rewards.

I have reset all browser settings, the screen is NOT zoomed in or out and is at 100%, there is no add-ons at all, everything is as default as it can be. No Chrome installed… I already checked all other threads for help and this is just ridiculous… Also checked for latest version and says I have the current latest version…

The dragging of that triangle-icon never works for me, either.

However, after I exit Brave and re-enter Brave, it seems that Brave has successfully credited me with the earned BAT.

Not for me, I haven’t been paid for 2nd month in a row now. I’ve done everything and can’t ever pass the human verification…

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